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Dockland strife

So Malta’s General Workers Union, in seeking to obtain recognition from Malta Freeport that it represents the majority of the terminal’s workers, has ordered industrial action, been hit by a demand from the Freeport for damages, and is now threatening to get its sister unions in other countries to boycott CGM CMA (the Freeport operator) … Continue reading

What hope democracy?

Indications are that turnout at the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in June are going to set a new record: the highest level of abstention ever. Not good! The EU is a huge project. It is, in many ways, the prerogative of the states to set its agenda – but not unfettered. There is … Continue reading

Back to piracy

The recent series of pirate attacks of the Somali coast have brought the issue to the forefront again. It is not surprising: after months of relative quiet, it is now rare for a day to go by without reports of yet another hijacking attempt, successful or not. Military patrols of the admittedly pretty large patch … Continue reading

Whither shipping?

Ships avoiding the Suez Canal pose a threat to Malta’s transshipment business. Continue reading

SPVs and Solvency II dominate discussions

The new regulatory regime for insurance promises to make capital requirements more responsive to actual risk but the question arises: how much will it cost? And how will SPVs be introduced to Malta? They can be dangerous! Continue reading

Back to the water?

The 33rd Americas Cup will be a two-boat affair. At least it’s back on the water – but one hopes that with the delay, the other challenges aren’t forced to drop out. Continue reading