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Of hospital floors and odd busses

One tends to notice the oddest things during a crisis. Not necessarily because the things themselves are odd; no, it really is the act of noticing that surprises. Unfortunately, you find it hard to ignore them afterwards. They may be little things, an unfortunate use of language, for example. The sort of thing that would … Continue reading

Syria’s tragedy

Today’s news from Syria demonstrates what to my probably rather limited understanding of the country, is a serious deterioration. It is also disappointing, almost a betrayal of the hopes so many people had for the country. That clearly includes the Syrians themselves. Today, and over the past few weeks, the Syrian Ba’ath party regime led by … Continue reading

Don’t let your attention wander!

Osama Bin Laden, from one of his video releases in 2004. Image via Wikipedia So the Americans have caught up with Osama bin Laden. No one will grieve too much about that, even if most of the world will not have the public celebrations that started across the US. It is unlikely that the death … Continue reading

Payments on the go

Advertising the M-PESA service in Tanzania. Photo from sociate on Flickr Some time ago I had looked into the development of mobile money for a Maltese news magazine. It was, then, a hot topic. At least, I thought so and with luck, you may agree with me. Now the European Union is drawing close to … Continue reading

Worth a read

For anyone following developments across the Arab world, al-bab.com has some good background at http://www.al-bab.com/arab/background/reform.htm. The early hope, after the way events developed in Egypt and Tunisia, has not continued in Libya, Syria,Yemen or indeed Bahrain. This is disappointing, but there is still hope Arabs across the region will manage to claim back their public … Continue reading

Ramping up the pressure?

I would hate to be the commander of the NATO forces providing protection to Libya‘s citizens. The task is close to impossible: bombs, missiles and planes may be very powerful weapons, but if your brief is to use them to protect without killing people, they have their limitations. The death of Saif al Arab Ghaddafi along with three children … Continue reading