The author – Simon Gatt

This is where I tell you about myself. I’m not at my best blowing my own horn, but there you have it.


Biography first – I’m 48, born in 1963. I’m Maltese through and through – born and bred here, with interludes in foreign countries. First in Germany when I was just six, then in Japan for two years after I graduated with a degree in philosophy.

What interested me then – and still does – is communication. That’s really the lifeblood of human society, what makes us and lets us grow. And I’ve worked around and in communications ever since I got back to Malta from Japan in 1992.

That is, for a lot of those years I’ve been involved with newspapers and magazines, starting off as a sub-editor laying out pages for a new Sunday paper, then growing into reporting and editing roles with a focus on business and the economy.

With a friend, I launched Malta’s first dedicated business paper – great fun, that. But also, a lot of work. It was, essentially, just the two of us with a little help from other people. So there it was: a paper with an editor, a deputy editor… and that, essentially was it.

The only aspect we did not handle was finance. We left that to others – big mistake. The paper did not survive.

Fast forward through a number of other publishers, in both magazines and newspapers, a few more launches and stints in marketing and event organisation to my editorship of the Malta Economic Update – a weak publication when I started but now one of the top magazines around. And yes, it is a business and economy focused publication.

I’ve spent time as a freelance journalist and copywriter, trying to build up enough work to pay the bills. I’m no expert on anything, but I like to think I have developed some sort of insight over the years. I could be wrong: it’s up to you to let me know!

I no longer do that exclusively, on a full time basis: the IFSP takes up a lot of my time, and yes, it provides more than enough interest to keep me happy. I still manage to get a bit of writing in (and the research that goes before it!).


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