Less seriously…

I enjoy sailing. It’s a great way to get away from frenetic contemporary lifestyles – really. Nothing beats being out at sea, out of sight of land moving through the water with no sound other than the rush of the sea past the hull and the wind in the rigging.

Sailing is without a doubt one of the most environmentally friendly ways to get about. You are literally powering your way through the world using nothing but what the environment provides. Yes, you do burn some fuel – can’t avoid it completely – but believe me, not much.

And once you’re on the water, anywhere along the coast is within your reach. The beauty of it all is the process of getting to where you’re going is as enjoyable as the arrival itself – as long as you’ve got the time to spare, that is.

Luckily, the rest of the family – wife and two children, both boys – enjoy it as well. The result is an activity we all do, for extended periods, together. Helps enormously when keeping the family together!

And of course there’s the racing. We – my wife and I – do not do much of that any more. Time, or rather the lack of it, mean we can’t really make the commitment you need. But in the past, before kids and work got in the way, we did quite a bit.

We still get a little in, once every few years. And we do go on other long sails once in a while. Who knows, if things look up we’ll get our kids to join us round the buoys some time!



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