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Golden rules for the eurozone | European Voice

This article Рby Harold James, and published in the European Voice, is worth paying attention to! Golden rules for the eurozone | European Voice. Advertisements

Payments on the go

Advertising the M-PESA service in Tanzania. Photo from sociate on Flickr Some time ago I had looked into the development of mobile money for a Maltese news magazine. It was, then, a hot topic. At least, I thought so and with luck, you may agree with me. Now the European Union is drawing close to … Continue reading

Integrity revisited

I had touched upon integrity and ethics in financial services a post or two ago; I believe it bears¬†emphasizing. I may end up boring people by this – even so, I will repeat. It is important. The rather cursory treatment of ethics in business in the MBA course I did 12 years ago disappointed me; … Continue reading

The regulation puzzle

If nothing else, the financial travails of the past couple of years have demonstrated the central necessity of effective regulation – that is, regulation that encourages integrity in business. Nowhere is this more important than in financial services! Continue reading

SPVs and Solvency II dominate discussions

The new regulatory regime for insurance promises to make capital requirements more responsive to actual risk but the question arises: how much will it cost? And how will SPVs be introduced to Malta? They can be dangerous! Continue reading