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Syria’s tragedy

Today’s news from Syria demonstrates what to my probably rather limited understanding of the country, is a serious deterioration. It is also disappointing, almost a betrayal of the hopes so many people had for the country. That clearly includes the Syrians themselves. Today, and over the past few weeks, the Syrian Ba’ath party regime led by … Continue reading

Don’t let your attention wander!

Osama Bin Laden, from one of his video releases in 2004. Image via Wikipedia So the Americans have caught up with Osama bin Laden. No one will grieve too much about that, even if most of the world will not have the public celebrations that started across the US. It is unlikely that the death … Continue reading

Ramping up the pressure?

I would hate to be the commander of the NATO forces providing protection to Libya‘s citizens. The task is close to impossible: bombs, missiles and planes may be very powerful weapons, but if your brief is to use them to protect without killing people, they have their limitations. The death of Saif al Arab Ghaddafi along with three children … Continue reading

Integrity revisited

I had touched upon integrity and ethics in financial services a post or two ago; I believe it bears emphasizing. I may end up boring people by this – even so, I will repeat. It is important. The rather cursory treatment of ethics in business in the MBA course I did 12 years ago disappointed me; … Continue reading

The regulation puzzle

If nothing else, the financial travails of the past couple of years have demonstrated the central necessity of effective regulation – that is, regulation that encourages integrity in business. Nowhere is this more important than in financial services! Continue reading

The Arab Spring

The Arabs are now, in 2011, reclaiming their public sphere. This should come as no surprise: Arab culture shares the roots of European civilisation. Continue reading

Dockland strife

So Malta’s General Workers Union, in seeking to obtain recognition from Malta Freeport that it represents the majority of the terminal’s workers, has ordered industrial action, been hit by a demand from the Freeport for damages, and is now threatening to get its sister unions in other countries to boycott CGM CMA (the Freeport operator) … Continue reading

What hope democracy?

Indications are that turnout at the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in June are going to set a new record: the highest level of abstention ever. Not good! The EU is a huge project. It is, in many ways, the prerogative of the states to set its agenda – but not unfettered. There is … Continue reading